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Our computerized adjusting makes going to the  chiropractor a more enjoyable experience for those that don't like manual adjustment. You won't have to get the neck and back cracking and twisting that many feel uncomfortable getting. Computerized adjusting gives you the same results and allows the doctor to see before and after images of the treatment.

Benefits of computerized adjusting

Get treatment you need while recovering from surgery

  • Before and after images of  spinal alignment

  • Safe and comfortable procedure

  • No cracking, popping, or twisting

  • Able to work on areas that have already had surgery or been fused

  • Can be combined with manual adjustments

One of the many benefits of computerized adjusting is that you can get treatments done while you recover from other injuries or surgeries. The use of technology allows for the spine to be adjusted without affecting other areas that are in the process of recovery.

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Start enjoying your visits to the chiropractor

Mahle Chiropractic is one of the only offices that offers computerized adjusting in the area. Take advantage of our unique services and make an appointment today!

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